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Your own Soulful-Cafe

Start your own Soulful-Cafe in your town and enjoy the fame of the music label Soulful-Cafe and artists and soulfulhouse music of 24/7 Soulfuradio 


Listen to Soulfulradio with one hour dj soulfulhouse mixes from all over the world.

Listen to the new mixes of Soulfulradio with one hour dj mixes from all over the world.

Listen to our music productions of music label Soulful-Cafe. Enjoy our Soulfulhouse music


Why Choose Soulful-Cafe

Fantastic & Known Logo

The rights to use the fantastic Soulful-Cafe logo and brand

Free advertisement on Soulfulradio

Advertisement of your Soulful-Cafe location on Soulfulradio

Your Soulful-Cafe on music albums

Music album releases with your Soulful-Cafe`s location

Your location on our website with running banners

  • rights to use Soulful-Cafe ‘s brand; ( NEON LED Logo & stickers included )
  • design of the Soulful-Cafe at your location;
  • provision of approved suppliers of furniture, accessories and technological equipment;
  • provision of the “opening group” for the start-up period;
  • know-how, work technologies and staff training;
  • advertising plan for opening a place and consultation on Soulful-Cafe ‘s brand promotion;
  • global marketing campaigns through Soulfulradio of the Soulful-Cafe `s  chain, cross-marketing;
  • online communication with the head office;
  • music album releases with your Soulful-Cafe location
  • Embedding of the Soulfulradio players on your website

Soulfulhouse lovers

Why Soulful-Cafe ?

Fantastic Music

Soulfulhouse is a vibrant and dynamic genre that continues to evolve and innovate. Some of the key characteristics of Soulfulhouse music include its use of soulful vocals, uplifting melodies, and deep basslines.

Happy People

Yes, Soulfulhouse music has a way of lifting people’s spirits and bringing joy and happiness to listeners. The genre’s soulful vocals, uplifting melodies, and infectious rhythms can create a positive and uplifting atmosphere that is perfect for dancing, relaxing, or simply enjoying the moment.

Easy Business

Hiring staff who share your passion for soulfulhouse music and vibe can make the work easier and more enjoyable. Look for people with experience in the food service industry, good customer service skills, and a positive attitude

Your investment

Royalties: 0 %

NOT like other chains we are NOT charging other fees
Franchise fees: € 12.000 ( NEON Led logo & logo stickers included )

Other current payments: 1,5% brand and marketing tax

We release music albums with your Soulful-Cafe

To make your location more popular we will release music albums with your Soulful-Cafe on 100ths of stores like Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, Beatport, Amozon and more……

Trust the Numbers

Soulful-Cafe is increasing .


Years in Business

New contractors this year


“A nice bar typically with a welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and a wide selection of beverages. The decor is stylish and comfortable, with comfortable seating and ambient lighting.


Overall, a nice bar with good soulful house music. This creates a perfect atmosphere for a night out with friends or a date. The music sets the tone for the evening and helps to create a lively and energetic atmosphere, while the comfortable surroundings and friendly staff make the experience enjoyable and memorable.”

Juan Corlente.


Start Your Soulful-Cafe

You can contact us directly through email to inquire about our franchise options, requirements, and process.

Overall, soulful house lovers are passionate about this unique and uplifting genre of electronic dance music.

You can use also our music as background music for business

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