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You can rent our ROYALTY FREE music for your in store streaming service, background music for business or whatever. At this moment we own more then 2000 songs (own production) that you will also find in international hit-charts on, for example, Itunes and Beatport. Check it here
Via international companies (Greece,Italy, San Salvador, Canada, Russia, Luxembourg, Spain, Brasil, USA) we get asked to rent our music for their in store background music playlists and is played now more then 9.500.000 times a month
You will be guaranteed to get new songs every year. We produce more then 400 songs a year under the labels MF-Records and Soulful-Cafe. You can use our music at very competitive prices. To give you an example: we just rented 1800 songs for 3 years for 350 euro’s a month.
Since 1-1-2017 we have opt. out all our music from PRO, so our music is not registrated and is it free from publishing rights to use on your in-store radio or background music for business.
Our styles: Lounge, Chillout, Reggae, Deep House, Soulful House, Disco Dance, Funk and more.

Royalty-free background music for business purposes typically means that you can use the music without needing to pay additional royalties or licensing fees for each use. Once you’ve obtained the music under a royalty-free license, you can generally use it in your business projects without incurring any additional costs to a P.R.O., as long as you comply with the specific licensing terms and conditions.

Additionally, it’s crucial to carefully review the licensing terms of the specific royalty-free music you choose to ensure you understand any restrictions or requirements, such as attribution, usage limitations, or prohibitions on certain commercial applications. Always comply with the terms and conditions provided by the music provider to avoid any legal issues.